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The team behind the inspired re-imagining of a Sydney Harbour Bridge heritage warehouse into popular Bay Ten Espresso has now created the city’s coolest new work spaces right next door.
Bay 9 preserves the century-old concrete walls, 10 metre ceilings and soaring windows in a striking transformation into a creative, highly functional work hub that is a rarity on Sydney’s north shore. The adaptive re-use of the heritage space under the northern approach to the Bridge on Middlemiss St, extends the raw and industrial look of the neighboring café into a collaborative workplace aimed at the growing numbers of start-ups and entrepreneurs. Design architects Brenchley Architects were tasked in January 2014 with delivering a creative work space like no one has ever seen.

Watch  the  timelapse  video of the construction of Bay 9 here on vimeo

Work Inc_013.jpg
Work Inc_003.jpg
Work Inc_015.jpg
Work Inc_016.jpg
Work Inc_021.jpg
Work Inc_034.jpg
Work Inc_020.jpg
Work Inc_024.jpg
Work Inc_033.jpg
Work Inc_043.jpg
Work Inc_045.jpg
Work Inc_067.jpg
Work Inc_047.jpg
Work Inc_046.jpg
Work Inc_049.jpg
Work Inc_052.jpg
Work Inc_054.jpg
Work Inc_053.jpg
Work Inc_068.jpg
Work Inc_002.jpg
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